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The Bank Kyivska Rus offers new deposits Spring snowdrop 2015 and Beneficial 2015!


Dear Clients!
From February 2, 2015 the Bank “Kyivska Rus” has enlarged deposit range by new deposits “Spring snowdrop – 2015” and “Beneficial – 2015”.


Opening “Beneficial – 2015” deposit You can get a number of advantages:
• interest rate, which increases due to prolongation of the deposit;
• minimum period of money placement – allows you if necessary to return deposit with interests after 30 days from the day of placement;
• loyal conditions of early termination of agreement: with saving of accrued interests for all full periods of action of interest rates;
• transferring of all amount of deposit and accrued interests to a current account or payment card after end of deposit period or during return of deposit due to early termination of agreement.

Conditions of the deposit:
Minimum amount – 1000 UAH/ 500 USD or EUR
Deposit period – 1 month;
Base interest rate, % per annum – 21% in UAH, 8% per annum in UAS, up to 7% per annum in EUR;
Automatic prolongation of deposit period:
• prolongation period – 30 days;
• Maximum amount of prolongation – 5 periods;
• Maximum interest rate, % per annum - up to 23.5% in UAH, 10.5% per annum in USD, up to 9.5% per annum in EUR;

Opening “Spring snowdrop – 2015” from February 2, 2015 to March 31, 2015, the Bank “Kyivska Rus” offers You to get profit within three or six months.

Profitability of deposit is up to 24% per annum in UAH, up to 12% in USD and up to 11% in EUR. Minimum first amount of deposit is 1000 UAH or 100 USD/EUR.
For more detailed information, please, visit the website or call to the contact centre: 0 800 500 546.


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