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The Bank Kyivska Rus finished 3 quarter with profit of 378,8 thousand UAH

Within 3 quarter, 2014 the assets of the Bank have increased by 3% up to 8.9 billion UAH. 


To the depositors attention of Eurogasbank

PJSC Kyivska Rus Bank has increased the period of payments of guaranteed refunds to the depositors of PJSC Eurogasbank up to November 17, 2014. The payments are conducted according to contracts, validity period of which is up to August 1, 2014 (inclusively).


Opening of new operational office

For Clients’ and Partners’ attention of the Bank!


To Clients attention!

Dear Clients, we want to inform you that from October 29, 2014 the tariff package “Cash” is canceled for corporate clients of PJSC “Kyivska Rus” Bank.


Precious metals are the secure investment of your funds!

We offer you bullions of bank gold and silver of the highest quality at affordable prices!


Patriot Deposit

Bank “Kyivska Rus” has launched a new deposit “Patriot”. This deposit was created for private persons and ensures not only obtaining a profit, but also creating a possibility to provide real support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


PJSC Kyivska Rus begins payments of funds to depositors of PJSC Eurogasbank

From September 23, 2014 in the framework of the agreement concluded with PJSC Eurogasbank PJSC Kyivska Rus Bank begins payments of guaranteed deposits to clients of PJSC Eurogasbank.


The Bank Kyivska Rus offers loans on all you need!

Bank Kyivska Rus offers a programme of consumer loans on current needs.


Free money from the Bank Kyivska Rus

This is the unique proposal for those, who want to gain profit and use their funds at any convenient for them time!

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